Egyptian Organic Oils and Herbal Spices Teas "El Hawag" online store

Organic Oils

In this section we offer you best quality natural 100% pure Oils produced by our factory "El Hawag" in Egypt. You can find more then 70 kinds of Organic 

Oils. Most valuable Argan, Arugula, Rose, Fenugreek and Avocado Oils are waiting for you in this section of our online store.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil section include not only Black Seed Oils of our production but also the best Black Seed Oil in the World produced by our partners in Egypt which is totally handmade. Black Seed Oil is increasing the body's immunity helping to fight with viruses and cancer. 

Herbal Spices Teas

This is our section of natural products produced by our partners "Al-Saha Egypt". You can find here natural herbal teas which are useful for heart, blood vessels, stomach, sexual function, cold prevention and weight loss. They use more then 50 rare kinds of Egyptian herbs.

Delivery to any country it's easy!

Right now we are not able to send our oils from Egypt as Egypt Post can not send any kinds of liquids because of new safety system in the airports of our country. That's why right now we can offer only the best natural "Al-Saha" herbal spices teas. Buy natural herbal teas...