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   Due to security reasons in Egypt airports we are not able to send any kind of liquid products by Post Office from our country but we find the way. "El Hawag" send oils by cargo to the transit storehouse in Ukraine under control of our Ukrainian partner "Al-Saha Ukraine". After we get orders from our customers all over the World, our partners in Ukraine carry out packing and shipping by regular Post Office. Total delivery time is about 7-14 days.

     "El Hawag" online store was created in 2015 by the Egyptian factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" for to give opportunity for peoples from different countries in the World to purchase Natural Organic Oils and Black Seed Oil for personal use from the factory in Egypt.

     Since 2015 our online store became really international and now base in Ukraine where we collect products produced at our factory. Storehouse in Ukraine was established due to the new regulations of the security in the Egyptian airports which forced regular Post Offices not to care any kinds of liquids and cosmetics. Since 2017 we start to ship our Natural Health Products, including Nigella Sativa Oil and other Natural Oils from the storehouse in Ukraine by the support of our partners "Al-Saha Ukraine". Every week "Al-Saha Ukraine" ship "El Hawag" orders worldwide using regular Post Office service.    

     By many requests of peoples all over the World we decide to expand the range by the natural health products from whole Middle East. Starting from 2017 we begun to increase the products list and add Natural Cosmetics beside different kinds of Natural Organic, Essential and Aroma Oils.

     "El Hawag for Natural Oils" international store target is to offer our customers worldwide a big range of Natural Health products from whole Middle East.


     The Natural Products categories are following:

- Pure Black Seed Oil of different qualities from different producers

- Black Cumin Seed products from different producers

- Organic Seeds and Herbal Oils of our "El Hawag" production

- Pure Essential and Natural Aroma Oils produced by "El Baraka"

- Skin and hair care from different countries: Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions, Creams, Toothpaste

- Arabic Cosmetics from the Middle East

- Healing dried herbs and teas from Egypt

- Arabic perfumery


     Today "El Hawag for Natural Oils" international store of health products can offer a big range of products. Nowadays peoples more and more returning to the natural way of healing and recovery. It's clear that you will never replace nature and real natural products because any created by peoples materials have temporary effect. We, humans, are part of nature and only nature can recover your skin, hair, immunity system and so on. By many request of peoples we will keep increase the range of the store and add new sections of Natural Products from Arabic countries.

     You can buy in our online shop following products by categories:


     Section of Black Cumin Seed Oils

     - We can offer many kinds of natural Nigella Sativa. Our production which is very popular for long time are "Royal" and "Ethiopan". Both Oils made from mixed seeds from Ethiopa, Syria and Egypt. For peoples who like premium products, we have "Ethiopian PPREMIUM" which is mix of Ethiopian and Syrian seeds and most important is one time cold pressed. Our Nigella Sativa Oils are always with the best prices.

     - More expensive product which is, sure, one time cold pressed, made 100% from the most expensive seeds from Ethiopia is "Amana Ethiopian".

     - For customers who trust European producer we have a very pure product from Austria called "Tasnim". This European product made from Syrian seeds mixed with a little of Ethiopian seeds. Sure it's one time press and cold press product.


     Section of Natural Organic Oils

     - Our factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is the biggest producer of natural Oils in Middle East. For today we producing more then 70 kinds of Oils and around 50 of them are ready to be shipped worldwide by ordering it on our online store. Organic Oils pressing from the seeds or extracting from herbs inside the Basic Oil. Of course we are trying to offer better prices for our production.


     Section of Aroma and Essential Oils 

     - Here we offer only a few kinds of real Essential Oils. Real and Natural Essential Oil is very expensive that's why mostly you can find only counterfeits products in the international online sources. We offer the production of the most trusted factory of Essential Oils in whole Middle East "El Baraka".

     - Most wide production range of "El Baraka" factory are Aroma Oil. This kind of product produced by mixing real natural Essential Oil with Basic Oil by the proportion 70% on 30% which still keep the full Aroma concentration.