Apple Aroma Oil

Apple Aroma Oil "Hemani", 30ml

The product of the one of the best Essential and Aroma Oils factories in whole Middle East "Hemani" which is located in Pakistan. Apple Aroma Oil consist of 30% of natural pure and very concentrated Essential Oil of Apple + 70% of pure basic Oil.   


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     Eastern healers divide energy on the kinds of Yin (female) and Yang (male) which have its Aromas. Essential Aroma Apple Oil combines the activity of Yang and the ease of Yin. If you need to create a favorable atmosphere in the house or an energy-intensive business - this Aroma will help to cope with the difficulties, reduce the scale of problems. The smell of Apple can attract partners for business or for life and these people will be easy on the rise and active. This smell represents the element of Air.


     Aquatic Zodiac signs need the Apple Aroma more than others:

  • It lifts the spirit and calms the dejected and sensitive Cancers, opening new sensations for them.
  • Can stir melancholic Pisces with fresh ideas.
  • Signs of the Earth (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) - will become more open with its help, discovering previously unnoticed character traits.
  • To the representatives of the elements of Air the fragrance of the Apple Aroma Oil will seem convenient as beloved clothes and will give a reference point in their moods.

     Essential Apple is an Aroma that is almost universal and friendly to any character. Whether person choose it or it chose a person - the effect of this smell is beneficial and gives life a light tone.


     You can easily buy Natural "Hemani" Essential Aroma Oil of Apple on our store. "Hemani" is able sp worldwide and we help our customers all over the World to get the best quality Aroma Oils ever.