Banana Aroma Oil

Banana Aroma Oil "El Baraka", 30ml, Egypt

The product of the one of the best Essential and Aroma Oils factories in whole Middle East "El Baraka" which is located in Egypt. Banana Aroma Oil consist of 30% of natural pure and very concentrated Essential Oil of Banana + 70% of pure basic Oil.  


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     Application of Banana Aroma Oil is very effective as a means for skin care of the body, hair and face. Many users also appreciated the useful properties of Essential Banana Oil for the skin in the eye area.

     Banana Aroma Oil can be used as an emollient and nutrient for the skin of the body. During bathing treat the problem areas of the body with scrub or peeling and after the bath massage those place with the Oil. Pegs, elbows and knees will regain softness, which will last for a long time. In addition, if you use a small amount of Banana Essential Oil day after day to soften these areas, they will soon stop bothering you.

     Its very useful for the face skin. To reduce the appearance of new wrinkles, as well as to smooth existing ones, use Banana Aroma daily before bedtime instead of a night cream. A few drops spread in the palms, wait until the Oil is slightly warmed, and apply to the skin of the face.

     Also this valuable product will help with brittle nails. Rub a drop of Oil in each nail and after 10 days the nails will become noticeably stronger.

     For hair Essential Banana Oil is suitable as a mask before washing. It is better to apply it over the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to the ends. The minimum time for such a procedure is 2 hours. After the mask you need to rinse your hair well. Also, you can still add this brilliant liquid to the shampoo, so that the hair remains a pleasant smell of Bananas.

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