Clove Aroma Oil

Clove Aroma Oil "El Baraka", 30ml, Egypt

The product of the one of the best Essential and Aroma Oils factories in whole Middle East "El Baraka" which is located in Egypt. Clove Aroma Oil consist of 30% of natural pure and very concentrated Essential Oil of Clove + 70% of pure basic Oil.   


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     One of the strongest Aroma Oils is Clove. In same time Clove is one of the most famous spice in the World as it used since ancient times. Essential Oils are extracted from almost all parts of the Clove tree, but the obtained absolutes are not the same in their properties. Aromatic Oil can be obtained from branches, leaves or kidneys of a plant.

     Essential Oil obtained from the Clove tree in Egypt at the "El Baraka" factory is retains a unique kidneys flavor and has active antibacterial, soothing and regenerating properties.


     It is actively used for:

- Aromatherapy

- Perfumery industry

- Traditional medicine

- Aromatization

- Production of chewing gum

- Dental rinsers


     Flavor of Aroma Clove Oil main benefits:

- Has the effect of protection

- Invulnerability for negative emotions

- Helps to concentrate on personal development

- Helps to get rid of nervousness

- One of the best Oils for psychoemotional recovery after surgery, trauma or illness


     It is believed that it attracts prophetic dreams, prosperity, wealth and acts as a protective magic talisman. It has a beneficial effect on the state of stress, mental overwork, warms and allows you to cope with psychosomatic tremors.

     Emotionally Clove Oil bears calmness and warmth, allows you to cope with your experiences, doubts and fears. It is an active aphrodisiac, which brings confidence in its attractiveness, enhances attraction.

     If you are looking for the high quality Clove Aroma Oil then you should stop your choice on Egyptian "El Baraka" production which will bring changes into your life. You can place order right here on our online store of Natural and Aroma Oils.