Sandalwood Aroma Oil

Sandalwood Aroma Oil "Hemani", 30ml

The product of the one of the best Essential and Aroma Oils factories in whole Middle East "Hemani" which is located in Pakistan. Sandalwood Aroma Oil consist of 30% of natural pure and very concentrated Essential Oil of Sandalwood + 70% of pure basic Oil.  


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     Perhaps the Aroma of Essential Sandalwood Oil is known to all. This is considered the main oriental flavor is rightly called universal and basic, because no other Essential Oil can boast of the lack of restrictions on the use and centuries-old reputation of the safest Aroma Oil.


     Like hundreds of years ago Sandalwood remains the most influential eastern smell in the World and the most valuable perfume material. This is a real legend which even today is attributed to healing properties. Sandal takes its inalienable place of leader in the rituals of Buddhists and Hindus, in medicine, cosmetology and perfumery.


     Sandal is attributed to the flavors of the Moon which promoting:

  • Goodness
  • Pure dreams
  • Revealing intuition
  • Spiritual depth


     This unobtrusive Aroma stimulates creativity, helps to cope with spontaneity and impulsiveness, restores a thin aura. The impact on the emotional sphere is built on the skill of Sandalwood to eliminate tearfulness and insomnia. The soothing and relaxing effect of hypoallergenic Aroma Oil made it one of the main Oils for meditation.


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