Violet Aroma Oil

Sweet Violet Aroma Oil "Hemani", 30ml

The product of the one of the best Essential and Aroma Oils factories in whole Middle East "Hemani" which is located in Pakistan. Violet Aroma Oil consist of 30% of natural pure and very concentrated Essential Oil of Violet flower + 70% of pure basic Oil.   


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     In ancient Greece Violet flower was perceived as a symbol of fertility and was the official emblem of Athens. One of the components of Essential Oil is Parmon, which has a very thin, strong odor, characteristic of flowers. The Violet Aroma Oil is used in expensive perfumes to create floral compositions. Violet is a symbol of innocence, modesty and virginity. Its smell is suitable for young girls. Helps with nervous diseases, has a calming and relaxing effect.


     Aroma Violet is a perfect Oil for aromatherapy and massage:

     - At home the aromatherapy procedure will perfectly clean the pores, improve blood circulation and treat your veins. For to do this just add up to 3 drops to the Aroma lamp, turn on your favorite music and enjoy peace and Aroma.

     - When massage, just use 5 or 6 drops per 10 gr of basic Oil, and add to the bathroom no more than 3 drops.


     You can come up with interesting combinations of Oils and surprise your beloved man with a pleasant relaxing massage. The following basic Oils are ideal for a Essential Violet Oil: Orange, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Rose. Aroma of Violet flower well soothes, helps with insomnia, anxiety and irritability, its considered a means of restoring friendly relations.

     "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is international online store where can you buy Essential Aroma Sweet Violet Oil and be sure that it's really natural. In this section we also have another kinds of Essential and Aroma Oil of the "Hemani" factory production with is probably the best in whole Middle East.