Black Seed (Black Cumin) Oil

Black Seeds
Black Seeds

Black Seed Oil "Amana Ethiopia", Egypt

Great quality of really pure Black Seed Oil. The production of our partners, the Egyptian factory "Amana" under the direction of Dagestani specialists. 
Main advantages and exclusivity. It's only one time cold press using 100% black seeds from hot Ethiopia. This is one of the best offers. 


  • 0.6 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Black Seeds Oil "Ethopia PREMIUM", Egypt

El Hawag for Natural Oils exclusive production. This oil, same as Amana and Tasnim, only 1 time cold pressed. 70% of Syrian seeds and 30% of the best ever Ethiopian seeds pressed ONE TIME ONLY for to get best quality pure Black Seed Oil. 


  • 0.6 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Black Seeds Oil "Royal", Egypt

El Hawag for Natural Oils factory production. One of the best quality in Egypt confirmed by ISO Sertificate. Black seed (Black cumin) oil "Royal" made from 70% seeds from Syria and 30% Egyptan seeds. 


  • 0.6 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Black Seed Oil "Tasnim", Austria

Very pure and strong bitter Oil pressed from the Syrian and mixed with the best Ethiopian Black Seeds. Good quality and most important it's made in Austria by European quality and sanitary standards. It's only ONE TIME COLD PRESS Oil. Tasnim use only GLASS BOTTLES which makes item more heavy than another Oils. Price in our storehouse is the same as at the factory in Austria.


  • 1.5 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Back Seed Oil "Al-Shrouk" 125ml, Egypt

This is new small Egyptian factory "Al-Shrouk" production. It has signs in Russian because they mainly supply only Russian market. Not many reviews up to now as it's very new product on the International Nigella Sativa Oils market. This Oil is bottling only into 125ml glass container.


  • 0.17 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Back Seed Oil "BioNatal" from Ethiopian seeds, Made in USA

For the order in USA, Canada, UK, Australia use BIONATAL factory store.
Made in USA from the richest Ethiopian seeds only. Probably today this is the best quality Black Seed Oil ever!!! Our exclusive partners are following USA sanitary and quality regulations. BioNatal is using 7 main rules which makes the product the best from the best:

1. Richest 100% Ethiopian seeds

2. Supplying seeds from certified farmers only

3. Purity of seeds is 99% using Sortex method

4. Fresh crop only (not older then 12 months)

5. Coldest press ever possible 78-87F (+26-29C)

6. One time pressing process only

7. Non-filtered Oil (One month uphold before bottling)
BioNatal is the only company in the World which offer non-filtered Nigella Sativa Oil. This oil contain 5% of seeds powder on the bottom, so the oil is totally full of Seeds vitamins, minerals and nutrition fact. The founders of BioNatal where the co-founders of the successful brand "Amana" in Egypt and in USA they improved the process of Black Cumin Oil extracting for the possibility to get the best quality and benefits of the final product.

We are happy to introduce our exclusive partners and friends product at our "Hawag Store for Natural Oils". Right now the product available only on the "BioNatal" factory Online Store. Link at the top of the description.         


  • 0.6 kg

Black Seeds Oil "Ethiopia", Egypt

El Hawag for Natural Oils factory production. One of the best quality in Egypt confirmed by ISO Sertificate. Black cumin (black seed) oil "Ethiopia" made from 70% seeds from Syria and 30% greatest ever Ethiopian seeds.


  • 0.6 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Black Seed Oil "Syrian" 500ml, Egypt

El Hawag for Natural Oil new oil starting from 2018. Oil pressed from pure Syrian Black Seeds and the quality confirmed by International quality ISO Certificate. This oil is very light and it's easy to drink as it has soft bitterness. Right now it 500ml only. 


  • 0.6 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Black Seed Oil "Hemani Premium" 100ml, Pakistan

Black Seed Oil from Pakistan. Oils of Hemani company are very famous in Asia and Russia. Black Seed Oil "Hemani Premium" is getting good customers reviews in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan on the customer chat forums. It's coming in beautiful gift aluminium box and 100ml only. 


  • 0.3 kg

Black Seed Oil "Hemani" 125ml, Pakistan

Pakistanian "Hemani" Black Seed Oil in present days mainly cover Russian countries markets. This company made strong name on Soviet Union countries markets but still very far from world market. Right now you can use our online store to get different Oils in one box and compare the quality. This Oil is coming in the 125ml glass container only. 


  • 0.26 kg
  • Delivery terms 14 days

Important shipping information about weight and delivery price is HERE

     Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa Oil) is the most popular seed oil from all kinds of oils known untill now. Arabic peoples knew healing properties of the Black Seeds more then 3000 years ago. Islamic prophet Mohammed told that Black Seeds is the remedy for all diseases except death. And in reality, even now, scientists still have not discovered all the components in the Black Seed. Black Seed is very rich for all kinds of Vitamins and useful materials. Black Seed three main active powerful components: Thymol, Thymohydroquinone and Thymoquinone. All these ingredients make Black Cumin Oil a strong immune stimulator with a lot of benefits.

     What the benefits gives such great immune stimulator?

     Most important is that Natural Black Seed Oil using it daily will boost your immune system making your body strong to all kinds of viruses. Your body will be able to fight with viruses and infections. Natural Black Seed Oil is very effective in preventing hair loss, skin disorders and sure cancer. A lot of scientists already have proved that Black Cumin Seed is able to fight with all stages of cancer.


     Generally, the use of Black Seed Oil is very diverse. Here we show you a few ways how to you use Black Cumin Oil:

     - Prevention and lifting immunity

     It's the most common cause to use Black Oil Seed. For prevention and treatment of colds during one month you have to take tea spoon of the oil in the morning and in the evening daily. You can use it also as a spices to salads.

     - To strengthen the hair and prevent baldness

     You can use Black Oil Seeds for your hair daily. this product strengthens hair follicles and in the same time enriches and nourishes the hair itself. Nigella Seed Oil effective against dandruff and helps with overly oily scalp. Just rub healing Nigella Seed Oil into the scalp for 15 minutes before shampooing.

     - For the treatment and nourishment of facial and body skin

     Black Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect on the facial skin. Black Cumin is also effectively used in the treatment of fungal diseases. You can use medicated Black Seed Oil for the treatment of warts, eczema, dermatitis and acne. 

     - For weight loss and treatment of gastric 

     Maybe it can be a surprise but Nigella Oil can affect the reduction of excess weight. The secret lies in the ability of the oil to treat gastric disease. Black Seed Oil cures stomach and normalizes the body's metabolism, thus eliminating the initial cause of the excess weight.


     There are a lot of offers of Black Cumin Seed Oils in online stores produced by many countries. But which Black Cumin Seed Oil is the best? For to answer this question you have to know the countries who grow Nigella Sativa (the Black Seeds resource). Nigella Sativa grows in a sunny regions: North and Central Africa, Middle East, India, USA, South America. During long time we tested all kinds of Black Seeds and came to the conclusion that the best Oil we get from Ethiopia, Syria and Egypt. East side of Africa is really rich for the Black Seeds. That's why our region has most offers of this product for sail in internet. 

     Also another question is where you can buy real natural Black Cumin Seeds Oil? For example our online "El Hawag" factory store is only one workable store in Egypt and you can be sure that you can buy from us only real 100% Egyptian, Syrian and Ethiopian Black Cumin Oil. Also we have the best prices for natural Black Seed Oil in whole Internet and we ship worldwide. The price for the delivery of Black Seed Oil is also acceptable. Through our online store peoples from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and many others got the best quality natural Black Seed Oils.     

     "El Hawag" online store offer you 4 kinds of African Black Seed Oil from Egypt which you can buy here: "Royal" and "Ethiopian". "Royal" became legendary for last 10 years in the Soviet Union countries. Black Seed Oil "Ethiopia" is a new production of "El Hawag" factory but it's quickly gaining market as we use greatest combination of Syrian and Ethiopian seeds for pressing.

     As for the great quality, we can offer "Ethiopian PREMIUM" by our production and "Ethiopian Amana" produced by our partners "Amana" from 100% of Ethiopian materials in Egypt. Both kinds are one time pressed and it's only cold press. Also you can try great quality Black Seed Oil "Tasnim" from Austria. Nigella Sativa Seeds Oils of this brand is also one time pressed by cold way only and this Oil mostly consist of Syrian Seeds which are mixed with some quantity of Ethiopian. You can buy for test some kinds of our product in smaller containers. The Pakistanian production oil "Hemani" is mostly cover Russian market but you can also try it using our online store. This product produce from different kind of seeds.  

     Also we presenting the very new brand from USA - "BioNatal". "BioNatal" using the most expensive Ethiopian seeds in the World and pressing it only one-time with the lowest possible temperature (+26-29C), giving phenomenal result. American company "BioNatal" is following all hard USA regulations and they use only fresh harvested seeds from Ethiopia of 99% purity. And most important is that "BioNatal" oil is non-filtered. Probably, this is the only brand on the World which offer non-filtered Black Cumin Seed Oil, because seeds also have rich nutrition fact, so "BioNatal" keep 5% of seeds powder in the Oil, so you get 100% of Nigella Sativa Seeds. Right now you can offer this super rare and unique product on the official website of BIONATAL who are our partners.

     Buy Egyptian natural Black Seed Oil from Egypt right now by the best price and be always healthy! With us its always easy to buy Black Seed Oil online. 


     Contraindications to the use of Black Seed Oil

Despite all the positive qualities Nigella Sativa Seed Oil also has contraindications. First of all, Black Cumin Oil is contraindicated for people with implanted organs. Also Black Seed Oil is desirable for pregnant women.