Natural Dry Herbs

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     Natural Herbs are very famous drink and food spices from ancient times. Dry Herbs widely used alternative medicine enthusiasts all over the World. What are dry herbs? Dry Herbs are natural remedies using for health improvement. The list of kinds is endless and different countries use different recipes and ingredients, depending on the kind of herbs which they have.  

     Egypt is one of the most interesting countries with a rich agricultural history. Here in Egypt we have production of more then 200 kinds of dry herbs, flowers, and powder spices. From the ancient times Egyptians are using different rare herbs in medical purposes. Peoples in different regions of Egypt are using different rare herbs and spices for to prepare teas and food ingredients from different diseases. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

     Our company didn't create something new. We just collect different information from different parts of our country and this is how we offer you the best rare products. For example we are the only company who can offer very rare dry Colocynth in Middle East area.

     For to improve health in special area of the body peoples can use different healing herbs. We asked old Egyptian healers about all kinds of herbs and how peoples in Egypt use it. We choose only rare Herbs for which are not cultivated in Europe or America. So, now you have opportunity to improve your health using rare North Africa natural Herbs and flowers.

     Most of old knowledge came from healers of Giza region which was first agricultural region in Egypt from the times of Pyramids building process, North Coast where Bedouins are living and where until now thousands of foreigners are coming for treatment of camel milk, South Egypt desert where ancient Egyptian doing healing from the the times of Hatshepsut Queen who lived at that area.

     So if you asked yourself a question: "Where can I buy rare Dry Herbs?", now you can be sure that the right answer is - on our online store. Make for your health a nice present! Order our Egyptian Dry Herbs and be always healthy!    

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