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     Our Egyptian factory "El Hawag" is pressing and producing Natural Oils since 2002. From the very beginning it was small manufacturing only of the Black Seeds Oil for the local Egyptian market. With the time we added different kinds of Organic Oils for to give our customers big range of production to choose. 

     Nowadays our factory producing more then 70 kinds of Natural Oils beside Black Cumin. Sure you can find different products by class, purposes and sort. We can show you a sample of our production classification which show that our range is very wide. 


     For example, very popular Organic Oils like:

- Rose

- Linseed

- Apricot

- Oranges

- Olive



     Very demanded Oils are: 

- Fenugreek

- Arugula



     In same time we have very rare Natural Oils which are difficult to find at the market, such as:

- Whale Blubber

- Ruta

- Amla

- Ammi Visnaga

- Watercress



     Mixed Natural Oils which we have only 2 kinds:

- Herbal Mix

- Snake Mix


     Our products find place in many countries but of course impossible to supply all peoples in the World and that's why we opened our factory international online sore for any one on our planet could get and use our high quality production.

     Very often peoples confuse the concepts Organic and Essential. It's not the same. Essential and Aroma are super concentrated and expensive liquids. It's never can be in big quantity as to produce just 30ml of such liquid the factory must use about 75kg (165 lb) of raw materials. It's never can be cheap.


     Natural Organic Oils production 

     Its much easy to produce Natural Oil then Essential or Aroma and the prices are very reasonable. There are 2 kinds how Organic Oils are producing: pressing and soaking. First way is very regular which is extracting by pressing seeds, pulps and kernels. The second way is for the herbal and flowers Oils. We use 100% pure Basic Oil (it can be in most of cases Sesame) and soaking dried herbs, flowers, roots, resins or crystals. Keeping inside Basic liquid those raw materials during long time and after special procedures the Oil get all Vitamins, Aroma and 100% of properties from the raw materials.    


     How and where to buy high quality Natural Organic Oil by the best price?

     Here in this section of "El Hawag" international online store you can find only our factory production and uses description. Only in our store you can get guaranteed Organic Oil by the good price. We are producing our product by the ways which is described above.