Sweet Almond Kernel Oil

Sweet Almond Seeds
Sweet Almond Seeds

Sweet Almond Seed Oil

Sweet Almond Organic Oil is rich in Vitamin A, B and E, which are great for skin health. Sweet Almond Kernel Oil is a cosmetic fixed Oil that is moisturizing and good for dry and sensitive skin. It really great for massage and face care.


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     The unique Aroma of Natural Sweet Almonds is fully felt even in this Basic Oil, even its not Essential. Soft, very pleasant, relatively budgetary and rich with useful substances, Sweet Almond Kernel Oil can boast not only of its properties but also of a rich history of use. Both in the Ancient East and in the times of the greatness of the Roman Empire, Organic Sweet Almond Seed Oil was valued and widely used both for recreational purposes, and for maintaining youth and beauty.

     Use the Oil obtained from Sweet Almonds Seeds undiluted, unlike many Basic Oils. It absorbed without a trace and greasy sheen and fast enough. Due to its lightest texture it does not create a sensation of heaviness and fatiness on the skin even at the time of application.


     Vitamin E benefits in Organic Sweet Almond Kernel Oil:

- Slows the aging process of epidermal cells

- Reduces inflammation

     Vitamin F benefits in the Natural Sweet Almond Seed Oil:

- Prevents pore expansion

- Recover the sebaceous glands


     Its the most common Oil for body massage, including problem areas. Unique properties are fully manifested in the treatment of skin and muscles.


     You can also use it for your skin because of positive and healing effect in case of:

- Stretches

- Colitis

- Burns

- Eczema

- Scratches

- Breast

- Hardening

- Muscle pain


     The most widespread Organic Oil of Sweet Almond Kernel got in cosmetology. It is absolutely the best Basic Oil for sensitive, weather-beaten and very dry skin, with unique softening properties. The regenerating properties of almond oil are actively used in anti-wrinkle remedies, and hypoallergenic properties allow it to be used even for the most sensitive skin around the eyes and lips.


     Natural Sweet Almond Oil main benefits for skin:

- Soothes the skin

- Relieves inflammation

- Effectively nourishes

- Restores elasticity

- Smooths the epidermis


     Rejuvenating and restoring effect of this product showing great result using it for absolutely any type of skin, even fatty or problematic. Healthy and shining - are the main characteristic of the effect of this Oil. It has beneficial effect also on the condition of the skin of hands and nails.

     The healing effect of Sweet Almond Seeds Oil is also showing in the acceleration of hair growth, in the renewal of their elasticity and the cessation of loss.

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