Blue Amber Resin Oil

Blue Amber Resin
Blue Amber Resin

Blue Amber Resin Oil

Amber is not a stone as some peoples think. It is the Resin of dead trees, which were buried under the soil millions of years ago. There are a few kinds of Amber: Ordinary orange, brown, green and one more rare kind is Blue.
There is no Blue Amber in Egypt, so we are getting the best quality Blue Amber from it's place of origin - Dominicana. That's why it's also called Dominican Amber.



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      Blue is the second great Amber after the Ordinary Amber. It's came from Dominicana as this is the only place where you can find the highest quality and big quantity of this ancient Natural mineral. This kind of Amber came from the fossil tree Resin called "Hymenaea Protera". In the depths of the ocean are located layers of blue clay. That is why, most often Blue Amber is found in deposits of blue clay.

     The first mention about the healing properties of Amber and its application in medicine belong to the famous ancient physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC. E.). Medieval medicine is not only applied the already known ways to treat Amber, but also expanded indications of using it for medicinal purposes.


     Organic Blue Amber Resin Oil can be used in cases of:

- Skin diseases

- To strengthen teeth

- Headaches

- Convulsions

- Asthma

- Consumption

- Insomnia


     Natural Blue Amber Oil benefits:  

- Improves intuition

- Helps in the realization of ideas

- Brings joy, luck and peace

- Keeps health

- Gives good spirits

- Enhances mental and physical activity

- The body recuperate after a serious illness

- Increases the body's defenses

- Gives mental clarity and quickness of thought

- Helps maximize focus

- Relieves headaches in violation of cerebral circulation

- Helps to restore well-being and energy.


     That's why Blue Amber is often called a magic Forest Resin. This wonderful and rare Organic Blue Amber Resin Oil you can always find and buy by the good price here on "El Hawag for Natural Oils" international online store of Health products. Wherever you are, we will ship your oils worldwide!