Ordinary Amber Resin Oil

Ordinary Amber Resin
Ordinary Amber Resin

Ordinary Amber Resin Oil

Amber is a fossilized Resin of trees that no longer exist.
The most viscous, finely porous and opaque is Light Ordinary Amber. We use this kind of Amber as it's more easy to obtain Oil from it.

We don't have Amber in Egypt, so this kind of Amber we import from Baltic region where 90% of Amber in the World located. 


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     Amber is not an herbal plant or the stone, it is mineral biogenic origin. It's like Resin of dead pine or other coniferous trees, which were buried under the soil millions of years ago.

     Ordinary Amber Oil has a few health benefits. Professor Aurifaber published a monograph on Amber, which contains 46 recipes for using it. It is interesting that some linguists say that the word "Amber", in Lithuanian "Gintaris", means "protector of the disease".


     Ordinary Amber Resin Oil benefits:

- Helps with headache

- Deal with toothache

- Lowing blood pressure

- Improve your vision


     The medical drugs from Amber possess anti-inflammatory action. Amber Resin Oil is used as a food additive to boost the immune system. It contains iodine, which helps with thyroid disease, as this disease occurs due to lack of iodine in the body.


     Ancient beliefs and confirmed facts that Amber is a source of:

- Creativity

- Faith

- Optimism

     The use of this Oil will bring and give you:

- Physical strength

- Good spirits

- Good luck

- Keep health 


     The composition of this mineral has more than 40 organic compounds. In the modern official medicine Amber is used as a raw material for producing succinic acid, which is a wonderful biostimulant.

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