Amla Seed Oil

Amla Seeds
Amla Seeds

Amla Seed Oil

Originaly very rare Amla tree is from India. Only now Amla Organic Seed Oil became famous and is using by women worldwide.

First of all Amla Seed Oils is great for hair. Today you can find a lot of products for the health of hair made from Amla.

For Oil production our factory importing Amla seeds from the country of origin - India. 


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     Phyllanthus Emblica is Indian tree which become more and more popular in the World due to the hair shampoos and another cosmetic products for hair. The surprising beauty and density of hair of Indian women amazes everyone who has ever watched Indian cinema. And this is not only their racial feature but the result of regular and proper care, based on the traditional Indian Oil of the Amla Seeds.

     By its composition the Amla is a whole complex capable of providing a full-fledged care to the hair. The largest number contains Vitamin C which is considered one of the best antioxidants. As a result of using Organic Amla Seed Oil for a short time it can restore hair, solve many problems, from dandruff and excessive dryness of the skin to giving volume and shine. 


     Natural Indian Amla Oil has effective benefits for:

- Strengthening the follicles

- Activating blood circulation

- Improving the structure of the hair

- Supplying hair with nutrients

- Thickening the stem


     Using Natural Amla Seeds Oil for is effective in the following cases:

- Prevention of early gray or the appearance of new white hair

- Acceleration of growth

- Moisturizing of dry curls

- Reduction of greasiness

- Giving shine, silkiness, extra volume

- Elimination of dandruff, thinning, brittle, split ends

- Treatment of pustules, skin irritation


     The main use is aimed at prevention of hair loss, treatment of thinning alopecia and total alopecia. Useful properties of this liquid help to cope with many hair problems and simply give it a luxurious look. Organic Amla Oil can be used for any type of hair, it has no other contraindications and limitations.

     If you still not sure where to buy high quality and Pure Almla Seed Oil then you can try to get "El Hawag for Natural Oils" production as our quality level confirmed by 2 International ISO Certificates.