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Ammi Visnaga Seed Oil

Ammi Visnaga or Ammi Dental, or Ammi Tooth, or Khella, or Khelh is a plant which is cultivating in North Africa. Egypt is one of the biggest qrowers of Ammi. It's very rare Natural Oil but our factory has no problem with it because we have a lot of raw materials in Egypt.

We offer only Organic Ammi Visnaga Seed Oil confirmed by International Certificate ISO.



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     Ammi Visnaga is cultivating in the Middle East and special in North Africa. The Organic Oil from Ammi Seeds has traditionally been used to care for the oral cavity and toothache. That's why in many languages Ammi Visnaga also called "Ammi Dental". In Arabic language in Middle East where this plant is coming from, its called "Khella".


     Natural Ammi Visnaga Seed Oil effect:

- Antibacterial

- Antifungal

- Antihistamine

- Anti-inflammatory

- Laxative

     Pure Khella has two main uses:

- Allergic reactions to the skin, skin sensitivity, caused by allergic reactions.

- Asthma, including allergic


     Ammi Visnaga Organic Oil helps to effectively fight diseases of the digestive system. Khella Seeds are antispastic agent. That's why this Oil is part of many medications. In addition, Ammi Visnaga Seed Oil helps to break up and remove the stones from the kidney. It is recommended as a preventive method for dealing with high blood pressure.

     Emotionally Khella Oil calms, helps alleviate nervous tension, relieve stress, achieve emotional balance. Today it's difficult to find this Oil on the market but in our International online store you can get it by the good price as Egypt is a native country of this plant and we are able to press Natural Organic Ammi Visnaga Oil at our "El Hawag" factory.