Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel
Apricot Kernel

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot tree came to Egypt many centuries ago. In ancient Egypt this fruit called "The Sun's Star". Till now we have a lot of Apricot plants and we use our Egyptian pits for Organic Apricot Oil pressing.
Apricot season in Egypt is very short, so we store pits for the whole year until next season come. We don't want to mix our high quality Apricot Kernels with Seeds from another countries. So, "El Hawag for Natural Oils" offer only high quality Apricot Seed Oil from Egyptian pits only.


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     The biggest benefit of Apricot Kernels is containing a large amounts of Vitamin B17. The composition of this Vitamin include some kind of cyanide compound, which is a poison for the cancer cells. In the 90's it was proved that tumors are shrik in almost all cancer cases when taken B17 in large doses. That's why Organic Apricot Seed Oil maybe not the guaranteed cure for cancer but uniquely is effective prevention. 


     Apricot Kernel Oil is the most effective remedy for:

- Bronchitis

- Whooping cough

- Nephritis


     Kernels which contain Apricot Pits do not possess a pronounced taste but the Apricot Oil they contain is the basis of many drugs. Apricot Pit is a Natural anthelmintic, so this Oil can help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

     In medicine Organic Apricot Seed Oil is also used for massage, because it is very easily absorbed by human skin. Furthermore, this Oil is added to shampoos, which helped to combat dandruff. So, that's why Natural Apricot Oil if very useful for the hair. The influence of Organic Apricot Karnel Oil on hair is favorable and incomparable even with the most expensive shampoos. Does your hair brittle, dry and lifeless? Do not despair, try Natural Apricot treatment. Microelements feed the hair, moisturize, protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition, it is immaculately absorbed, never leaving oily traces. Unlike other cosmetics, there are neither chemical nor synthetic components.

     Apricot Kernel Oil has a lot of benefits for the face skin. The composition of Organic Apricot Kernel Oil contains Vitamin A, B, C and F. Those Vitamins provides the skin its moisture and elasticity, responsible for skin elasticity and youthfulness, helps speed up the regeneration of skin cells, thereby slowing down its aging and fading, normalize sebaceous glands, helps to prevent the expansion of pores, and avoid the appearance of acne.


     Main useful effects and benefits of Apricot Seed Oil:

- Promotes good nutrition, softening, and moisturizing of the skin, preventing its dryness and peeling, and also helps to speed up the process of peeling flakes

- Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which prevents the skin from losing its elasticity and elasticity

- Has a rejuvenating effect and helps to smooth out wrinkles on the face

- Remarkably revitalizes and tones up the skin

- Improves the complexion

- Helps to remove various skin inflammations, which is especially good for problematic and sensitive skin


     Where you can buy high quality Apricot Kernel Oil? There are a lot of offers in the Internet and it's a difficult question. Our answer to you is that if you are looking for the high quality Oil from Egypt then you can buy Natural Apricot Seed Oil in our Egyptian "El Hawag for Natural Oils" online store as we are "Number One" in Egypt in Oil production. The quality of our Natural Health products confirmed by international quality Certificates ISO. Since 2002 our factory produce this product and it got a huge number of positive reviews from the countries which are ordering our Apricot Oil in cargo quantities, like Russia, Kazakhstan, Dagistan, Poland. We use only Egyptian raw materials for pressing this kind of Oil as Egypt is rich of Apricot plantations as our country also a good supplier of fresh Apricots to European Union countries.