Arugula Seed Oil

Arugula Seeds
Arugula Seeds

Arugula Seed Oil

Arugula (Rocolla, Rucolla, Eruca Sativa, Taramira, Rocket) Organic Oil is very popular in the Arabic World. From long time ago peoples know the benefits of Natural Arugula Seed Oil and use it weekly. 

We produce this wonderful Oil from the Egyptian Seeds which are very rare in the World. Egypt has very rich of Vitamins variety of Eruca Sativa - Rucolla Broadleaf. 


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   Arugula well known as Eruca Sativa is very rich in trace elements. It increase the tone of the human body. Arugula Seed Oil has a lot of benefits as it contains Vitamin C as ascorbic acid and iodine. That's why Natural Rocca Oil is very effective in the case of high blood pressure caused by depression and stress. Also Arugula Seeds nutrition include all Vitamines of B group, beta carotene or Vitamin A, Vitamin E or tocopherol, and Vitamin K.

   Egyptians from long time ago know the main three benefits of Eruca Sativa Seed Oil. The main is the ability of Rocuette to fight obesity. The secret is that Tarmira Seeds normalizes metabolism and the body itself begins to struggle with excess weight. You can easily use Rocca Seed Oil as salads additive to increase hemoglobin in the blood.  

   Another impact of Organic Arugula Seed Oil to the human organism health is useful for men. Ancient Egyptians considered Arugula leaves as a strong aphrodisiac and this fact was confirmed in our times. Many years ago Egyptians abundantly fed the groom by Eruca Sativa leaves. So, Rucolla Oil is a natural remedy to increase men's potency.

   It's still not all the benefits of Pure Arugula Seed Oil as there is a very main benefit left to describe. Egyptian Eruca Sativa Seeds contains substances that strengthen the hair roots. Using Arugula for hair is the perfect remedy for baldness. Even short-term use of Rocca Oil gives excellent results. 


     Organic Arugula Seed Oil impact on curls:

- Nourish the hair from the roots to the tips

- Restores the structure of the hairs

- Activates the full functioning of hair follicles

- Helps with loss

- Regular application activates the growth of new specimens

- Cures dandruff, eliminates seborrheic scales

- Restores overdried, severely damaged hair. Curling, painting, regular use of hot hair dryer, hair curlers, ironing for leveling, curling fairly harms the hair. An oily substance from the Arugula herb will restore even the most neglected curls.


   If you are looking where to buy Natural Arugula Seed Oil for your health and with the good price then you come to the right place. In our "El Hawag for Natural Oils" online store you can get the best quality Organic products from Egyptian Seeds. Egypt has a big Arugula farms in the old agricultural zone called Giza which is behind the Great Pyramids. A few thousands years Egyptian farmers are growing broadleaf Eruca Sativa. This is very rare kind of Rocuette which you can find only in Egypt. That's why this fact make Egyptian Pure Arugula Seeds Oil very unique.

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