Avocado Pulp Oil

Avocado Pulp
Avocado Pulp

Avocado Pulp Oil

Avocado tree grows and bears fruit only in warm climates. Therefore, the main places of its cultivation are Mexico, South Africa, South of USA and Israel.

We get the Organic Avocado Pulp Oil using perfected by time methods. Our factory "El Hawag" use Avocado fruits from South Africa as there are not many good Avocado plants in Egypt.  


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     Today every woman is ready to go to any lengths to preserve her youth and beauty. People for many years are in search of unexplored resources, and secrets. One of those secrets hiding in places with hot climates and is a very rare plant - Avocado Tree.

     Natural Avocado Oil has a really unique rejuvenating properties and benefits for the skin and hair. As usual, we get Oil by cold pressing. Such technology allows to fully preserve all the beneficial properties of Avocado fruit: its Vitamins, minerals, acids, and other biologically active substances. So, that's why we offer best Avocado Pulp Oil for hair and skin because its rich in big collection of Vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, K, PP. That's why the cosmetology is particularly popular use of Avocado Oil.


     Organic Avocado Pup Oil is recognized as one of the most effective means for:

- Moisturizing

- Nutrition

- Facial rejuvenation.


     This Oil is unique because of its fats composition is close to human skin fats. The maximum amount of all nutrients get absorbed in the needed areas. That is why the use of Pure Avocado Oil for the face - it is best that you can offer your skin. Its can be applied to the skin around the eyes.

     Another good benefits of the pure Avocado Oil you can test and feel on your hair. It's a wonderful natural product which has a beneficial effects on all types of hair.


     Using Natural Avocado Pulp Oil is effective for:

- Damaged hair

- Over-dried hair as a result of staining

- Strengthening the hair cuticle

- Activates their growth

- Nourishes

- Moisturizes

- Removes the section and brittleness

- Gives a beautiful natural shine


     Natural Avocado Oil is edible and also good for internal using. It is quite affect the entire body. Ancient Colombian and Mexican tribes of 12.000 years ago actively used in cooking the nutritious and healthy Avocado fruits. Today Pure Avocado Pulp Oil still used in cooking in many countries in the World. 

   Where to buy good Avocado Oil? - This question has a right answer. Egyptian "El Hawag for Natural Oils" factory producing confirmed high quality Organic Oils for many years. Try our Oils quality and you will never be confuse about where to buy next time.