Basil Leaf Oil

Basil Leaves
Basil Leaves

Basil Leaf Oil

Basil Leaf Organic Oil obtained from the very famous spice in the world - Basil herb. This Oil is the best Oil for digestive tract treatment. This kind of Vegetables Oil extracting from the dried Basil in the 100% Natural Basic Oil.

We have our huge plantation of Egyptian Basil and that's why we always have best quality raw material for the Basil Leaf Oil production.


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     The plant of Basil and the obtained Oil deserve the title of "Royal" which was appropriated a thousand years ago. In the ancient world Basil was considered the king of all plants, but it is not known until now for what reason: because of its culinary and medicinal qualities or because basil oil was used to anoint the monarchs on thrones.

     Today Basil remains one of the most popular spicy aromatic cultures and it is impossible to imagine the national culinary masterpieces of the Mediterranean without it. The invigorating, spicy, rich aroma of this plant and Oil is one of the best tonic aids.

     Natural Vegetables fatty Oil of Basil is getting by the using the Basic 100% Natural Oil which getting all the nutrition, color, minerals and Vitamins from the dried Basil Leaves herbs. We are extracting Oils since 2002 and our production technology of such kinds of Oils attained a high level.


     Benefits of the Organic Basil Leaf Oil:

- Increase in the general tone of the body

- Increase protective forces

- Regulates blood circulation

- Raises blood pressure

- Effectively removes symptoms of weakness and dizziness

- Helps to get rid of migraines and headaches


     And of course, the main benefits of Natural Basil Oil same as a herb have a great effect for regulation digestion, including relieves local pain and helps with overeating. This is one of the most effective remedies for intestinal spasms, nausea, flatulence and dyspepsia. 


     Secondary beneficial effects of Natural Vegetable Basil Leaf Oil on the body:

- During respiratory diseases, including bronchitis

- Removes the symptoms of rheumatism, muscle damages

- Disturbed or very poor menstruation, with insufficient lactation


     In the cosmetic field Organic Basil Oil used in basic skin care products as a fortifying and rejuvenating additive that improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin. The more varied the effect of Basil Leaf Oil on the hair: it actively and rapidly stimulates growth, improves the structure of the hair and returns shine.

     Not many offers you can find in the Internet worldwide for the real Natural Organic Basil Leaf Oil. Our factory with many years of experience of extracting rare Natural Oils can offer you best quality of Basil Leaf Oil "El Hawag" by the best price. Egyptian Basil is very famous herb in spices food industry in the World that's why our liquid product, definitely is one of the best on the Planet.