Black Pepper Seed Oil

Black Pepper Seeds
Black Pepper Seeds

Black Pepper Seed Oil

Black Pepper Vegetables Oil can be used to help in the treatment of pain relief, rheumatism, chills, flu, colds, muscular aches. It's stimulates appetite, encourages peristalsis, tones the colon muscles and digestive system. Organic Black Pepper Seed Oil is very useful for healing massage.  
Egyptian land is rich of agricultural farms and we have a very big plantation of Black Papper, that is how you can get the real 100% Pure Oil from Egyptian Seeds. 


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     Black Pepper so far is the most common and main spice. But very few people know that besides direct improvement of taste and aroma, it plays an important role as an antibacterial additive, which prevents food intoxication. Our factory is one of the few in the World that obtains Vegetable Oil from Black Pepper, which has a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic properties.

     In cosmetology Organic Oil from Black Pepper has not enough useful properties but all of them are strongly enough expressed. This is a rejuvenating liquid, which is most often use in cosmetology for special skin care products but not for everyday. It has an anti-cellulite property, is able to dry herpes, reduce the manifestations of viral and bacterial dermatitis and acne.

     Natural Pepper Seed Oil is also suitable for hair care. It can be used for masks and as an enrichment additive for shampoos. It helps to reduce and stop hair loss and strengthens the structure of hair follicles and the hair itself.


     The most important are the healing properties of Organic Black Pepper Seed Oil:

- This is an excellent Oil for therapeutic massage, which removes stiffness, allows to get deeper relaxation and has properties that relieve spasms and muscle pain

- Excellent choice for sports massage: stimulates and maintains muscle tone, and also effectively against injuries and strains, in the therapy of arthritis and rheumatism

- Warming properties that cause reddening of the skin and capillary activity of the epidermis are appropriate for frostbite and hypothermia

- Possesses immunostimulating effect which can be used in maintenance therapy to accelerate recovery

- Has a tonic effect in intestinal disorders, stimulates appetite, eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, activates metabolism and assimilation of food

- Very effective in headache, migraine headaches, vasospasm, dizziness, weakness, syncope


     If you are searching where to get Natural Organic Black Pepper Seed Oil then you have to know that our factory is one of the main producers of this rare Oils on whole Middle East and maybe in the World. Our international online store of the Natural Oils ship worldwide, so do not hesitate and order this healing product right now, wherever you are!