Cabbage Seed Oil

Cabbage Seeds
Cabbage Seeds

Cabbage Seed Oil

Our Egyptian "El Hawag for Natural Oils" factory offer many kinds of rare Organic Oils including Cabbage Seed. As all Vegetables Oils it used for general body health and in cosmetology for nails, skin and hair. 
We use Pure Egyptian Seeds and only cold press method for extracting this rare Natural Oil. We are the biggest producer of Natural Cabbage Seed Oil in whole Middle East.


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     Cabbage Organic Oil is very rare liquid which is difficult to find because not many factories extract this Oil. Our factory is the biggest factory in whole Middle Ease and sure we obtain this product as we have a big number of Natural Vegetables Oils in our production list. 


     Organic Cabbage Seed Oil is very helpful in:

- Treating ulcers

- Depression

- Immune system boosting

- Defending against cough and cold


     Cabbage Natural Seed Oil can also speed up the healing process for wounds and damaged tissues, regulate the proper functioning of the nervous system. It is a rich source of beta-carotene, that's why its has the ability to prevent macular degeneration and generally promote good eye health and the delay of cataract formation. It is also an abundant source of Vitamin C

     Of course as most of Natural Vegetables Oils the Cabbage Oil is widely used in cosmetology. The Oil is very light, instantly absorbed, leaving the skin comfortably moisturized and healthy. This Pure Oil is called plant silicone for its ability to improve the appearance of the skin. It also strengthens the nails very well.


     Natural Pure Cabbage Seed Oil is indispensable in hair care:

- Does not make your hair heavier

- Air-conditioning

- Gives hair a healthy shine along its entire length


     Therefore, many sprays for styling or for easy combing of long hair necessarily contain Pure Cabbage Oil. The Natural silicone makes even the most attenuated and dry hair looks alive and shiny. If you add 10-20 drops of this liquid when painting hair with henna, the effect of the laminated hair is provided!

     Many peoples all over the World ask the same question - where to buy such rare Natural Organic Pure Cabbage Seed Oil? Our "El Hawag for Natural Oils" factory and international online store offer this unique Natural product as we are the biggest factory in whole Middle East who produce different kinds of rare Natural Organic health products.