Aloe Vera Pulp Oil

Cactus Pulp
Cactus Pulp

Aloe Vera Pulp Oil

Organic Aloe Vera Pulp Oil contains large doses of Vitamins and Antioxidants that make this Oil so great for the skin and specially hair. Your hair will be long, strong and alive.
For the extracting Oil we use Pulp Gel of the Egyptian Aloe Vera Cactus. We have a huge quantity of Cactus plants as Egypt is a desert country and it's a perfect place for cultivation. 


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     Many years ago in North Africa peoples from the Sahara desert area start to use Aloe Vera for hair. So now it's well known fact that Cactus has a lot of benefits in hair treatment. Aloe Vera Gel Oil has the property to help preserve and maintain the water balance. Also Prickly Oil protects the hair from falling out, has a beneficial effect on the brittle and weak hair, as well as improving the scalp blood circulation.  


     Organic Aloe Vera Pulp Oil benefits for hair:

- Eliminates brittle hair

- Increases the density

- Activates the work of all frozen bulbs.

- Helps to quickly get rid of dandruff

- Saturates the head skin with microelements


     Cactus also has another benefits. Prickly Pear is very useful for skin care. Aloe Vera grows in the desert, where the scorching sun is shining and there are practically no rainfall. Their entire body is adapted to the water conservation and protection from sun exposure. Therefore, Organic Aloe Vera Oil in cosmetics successfully resist negative factors accompanying sunbathing. This Oil protects the skin from dehydration, and thus prolongs its youth and beauty.


     Main benefits of Natural Aloe Vera Pulp Oil:

- Protects the skin from free radicals

- Prevents aging

- Perfectly nourishes

- Regenerates the skin

- Smoothes out wrinkles


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