Camphor Crystal Oil

Camphor Crystal
Camphor Crystal

Camphor Crystal Oil

China and Japan are Camphor Tree countries of origin. Through the ages peoples shared knowledge about the medicinal properties of Camphor wood. This is how we are producing Natural Oil from the Camphor Crystal in Egypt nowadays.

Our factory use the best natural Crystals Blocks from China's Camphor Wood for Oil production as we don't have Camphor Tree in Egypt. 


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     Where to buy natural Camphor Crystal Oil and what is it for? Let's see..

     Camphor Tree many centuries ago appeared in China and Japan. From the ancient times Chinas learned many ways how to use all the benefits of this tree. Generally this remedy used for a long time. Until now Camphor Wood benefits using in modern medicine. One of the way how to use Camphor Wood benefits is to extract Natural Oil.

     How do we make Natural Camphor Oil? To obtain Pure Camphor Oil is a very difficult process. First of all we have to say that this kind of Oil we are getting from the Camphor Wood Crystals. The Crystals obtained from the roots, ground wood and shoots of Camphor tree which precipitated in the form of volatile colorless Crystals with a specific aroma, upon cooling and storing. Camphor Crystal Oil from the early XX century, massively applying in medical practice.


     Organic Crystal Camphor Oil is used in the treatment of:

- Asthma

- Epilepsy

- Bronchitis

- Gout

- Rheumatism

- Arthritis

- Muscle inflammation

- Cough and colds

- Arrhythmia

- Neuroses


     Also Natural Camphor Oil gives a good effect using it in cosmetology. Peoples in the Middle East buy and use Camphor Crystal Oil for skin care. This Oil is effectively used in treatment of acne, wrinkles, scars eliminate, it also include to the basis for a variety of creams and cosmetic products for oily skin types. It regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, and has a deodorant effect for excessive facial skin sweating.


     Natural Camphor Oil main benefits for the skin:

- Eliminates the epidermis of oily skin from excess fat and gloss

- Effective for combating acne

- Nourishes dry and moistureless skin, which is peeled and blotched

- Whitens unnecessary pigmentation

- Reduces the number of wrinkles, refreshes and tightens the skin


     This product also provides excellent results in the care of hair and eyelashes, has a stimulating effect on their growth and promotes. But sure, firstly, Organic Camphor Crystal Oil one of the greatest support for the skin care.

     Egypt has no this tree, so we are getting Camphor Crystal blocks from China. To obtain Oil from this material is very difficult process which consists from a few stages. The final stage is the longest stage when the Basic 100% Pure Oil take the nutrition from the Crystals. You can find a huge number of offers of this healing liquid in the internet with cheap prices but it is possible because this kind of Oil is very easy to falsify. That's why always be careful when you purchase this product from the doubtful online store and same doubtful producer. Deal with us as we are the biggest factory in the Middle East. Take care of your skin with "El Hawag for Natural Oils" from Egypt.