Cardamom Seed Oil

Cardamom Seeds
Cardamom Seeds

Cardamom Seed Oil

Organic Cardamom Seed Oil is used as a spice in many meals of the world. Natural Cardamom Oil is very effective for digestion problems and skin care, specially during weigh lose process.

Starting from this century Egypt create a big plants of Cardamom which allow us to use Egyptian Seeds for extracting Organic Oil. 


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     Cardamom for several centuries before Christ was used as a remedy for skin problems and obesity. All the illustrious properties of the legendary spice inherited its Organic Oil. The aroma of Cardamom, so loved as a spice and seasoning, is completely preserved in Natural Oil after pressing process. We use only one-time cold press method which allowed to extract very Pure Organic Oil from the great Seeds. This powerful Oil has a big benefits using it into the food.


     Emotional and physical benefits of using Organic Cardamom Seed Oil:

- Awaken optimism

- Instantly relieving stress

- Returns vivacity, strength, vigor

- Allows you to quickly eliminate apathy

- Relieves fatigue, depression and decadent moods.

- Inspires, carries a new charge of vivacity and a spirit for change

- Awakens and creates an amazing atmosphere

- Restores self-confidence and self-reliance


     Natural Cardamom Oil is endowed with special properties and unique characteristics. Among the therapeutic talents of this liquid are antiseptic and stimulating properties that allow Cardamom Seed Oil to actively remove inflammations and disorders of various origins.

     Antispasmodic, disinfecting, diuretic, carminative and stimulating effect of this Organic Seed Oil allow to normalize digestion and cope with its various disorders. Cardamom is especially effective in various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, associated with nervous processes and experiences, symptoms of psychosomatic diseases.

     Strong antiseptic and stimulating properties of Cardamom Seed Oil are also evident in skin care. This is one of the best anti-aging agents, the effect of which is built on the restoration of the elasticity and structure of the skin.


     Natural Cardamom Seed Oil benefits for skin care:

- Actively increases the synthesis of collagen

- Restores the density and elasticity of the skin

- Helps to preserve its youth and beauty

- Has a better effect

- Gives an even and attractive shade

- Enhance skin nutrition to obtain a tonic effect

- Able to restore the skin during changes in weight

- Helps to restore the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis


     You have to be careful buying this this kind of Vegetable Oil because most of producers use unripe Seeds as its have bigger quantity of Oil then mature Seeds. Our online store offer only our production Natural Organic Cardamom Seeds Oil of high quality and acceptable price. We ship worldwide, so place your order and use healing Natural product.