Chamomile Flower Oil

Chamoile Flower Baskets
Chamoile Flower Baskets

Chamomile Flower Basket Oil

Peoples used Organic Chamomile Flower Oil since ancient times. Ancient Romans used Chamomile Baskets Oil for mental clarity and courage during war. This Natural Oil is obtain from the flower baskets all nutrition, Vitamins and minerals by the 100% Pure Basic Oil.

The best kind of this flower is Roman Chamomile. This most expensive kind of Chamomile flowers is very popular on the South of Egypt where we have very big Chamomile plantations and farms.  


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     For the modern medicine Chamomile it is one of the most valuable medicinal plants as Chamomile flower has a lot of benefits for the skin. There is a belief that chamomiles blossom on the place where the star falls. The cosmos gave this flower many secrets, one of them is the secret of youth. The Roman Chamomile Oil is especially useful for everyday care for dry and sensitive skin and delicate skin of babies. Chamomile Flower Basket Oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties


     Organic Chamomile Flower Oil is an effective treatment for:

- Wounds

- Burns

- Acne

- Dry eczema

- Herpes

- Various allergic reactions on the skin


     The most effective application of Pure Chamomile Flower Oil is care for sensitive, dry skin. It is an effective means for the prevention and elimination of wrinkles. Miracle product perfectly smooths wrinkles, gives freshness to the face, improves tone and firmness. Its powerful medicinal properties are irreproachable in the care of flaky, irritated skin.


     Vitamins and minerals effect of Natural Chamomile Baskets Oil on the skin:

* Smooth and silky skin - the result of the action of carotene (vitamin A)

* Removal of inflammation, allergic manifestations, help in the treatment of acne - all this work is azulen

* Protection of the epidermis from external influences and negative environmental conditions - care of sesquiterpene hydrocarbons

* Barrier against attacks of various bacteria, viruses and microbes - the action zone caprylic acid

* Barrier from the impact of a destructive ultraviolet - flavonoids work

* Improvement of metabolism, timely delivery of oxygen to skin cells - works of sitosterols

* Deep cleansing, moistening of the dermis, restoration of complexion - the responsibility of organic acids


     Roman Chamomile is successfully used for hair care products. It is no secret that many beauticians for the treatment are using Chamomile Oil as it removes peeling from the scalp, reduces irritation, quickly restores the function of hair follicles.

     For to test all the benefits of Organic Chamomile Flower Oil you can buy it in our Egyptian "El Hawag for Natural Oils" online store. This is one of the most difficult Natural Oils to produce, but our factory painstakingly produce 100% Pure product. Usually for the production the manufacturers use 3 kinds of Flower Baskets: Moroccan, Roman and medical. Here in Egypt we use only most expensive kind - Roman. So, our product is very rich on the Vitamins and minerals. Enjoy......!