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Chili Seed Oil

Organic Red Hot Chili Pepper Oil is one of the most effective natural hair loss treatments. But at the beginning Natural Chili Seed Oil stimulate blood circulation, restores the nutritional balance, metabolism and potency. It's very effective against muscles diseases, cold and flue and that's why it's use also more a healing massages.  

We use original Egyptian Red Hot Pepper seeds for the Organic Oil extracting at our factory in Egypt.


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     Spicy red pepper is an honorary member of the vegetable family, which is also known as chili, since it was first grown on the coast of South America. Red Hot Pepper or spicy Chili add not only aromatization flavor of different dishes of the world but also health for those who are not afraid of its bitterness.

     The sharp bitterness of Chili Peppers is caused by a high concentration of substance called capsaicin. The substance capsaicin has been extensively studied. Its effect on reducing pain is proved, and its benefits for the cardiovascular system. Using internally, it normalizes the metabolism, the body accelerates the process aimed at splitting the fat cells. In addition, Hot Pepper helps to remove from the colon various toxins and harmful substances.

     Organic Seed Oil of hot red pepper is often used in a mixture with massage Basic Oils for hot medical health massage or in medical baths. For men there is great news - using Chili Oil for food restores the potency.


     Main benefits of using Red Hot Chili Peppers Seed Oil:

- Improve blood circulation

- Effective for treatment of bruises, rheumatism and arthritis

- Stimulation of appetite

- Treatment of cold and flue

- Increase blood circulation in the skin


     Chile Pepper will come to the rescue with colds because it has an antiviral effect. Compresses with Natural Oil will help with a cold and nasal congestion. On the basis of Natural Chili Seed Oil peoples producing ointments from frostbite and arthritis pain as it has an analgesic effect.

     Natural Chili Seed Oil can effectively promote hair growth, and also strengthen the roots of hair and make the nails strong and healthy. That is why in medicine, Pepper is considered to be a useful product, an excellent curative seasoning and another excellent healer for those who suffer from brittle hair, weakness of the nail plate. In just a couple of days he will restore the work of internal organs and contribute to strengthening hair and nails.

     There are a huge number of Red Hot Chili Pepper Seed Oils offers in the internet but not all of them are natural and Organic and more then this, not all of them are really Oils. You should be careful with questionable online internet stores because this kind of Natural Oil is very easy to counterfeit even at home. Our factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is one of the famous factories in the World with a huge experience of extracting Organic Natural Seed Oils since 2002. Also we ship worldwide that's why feel safe and just place your order.