Clary Sage Petal Oil

Clary Sage Petals
Clary Sage Petals

Clary Sage Petal Oil

Organic Vegetable Clary Sage Oil also known as Salvia Oil is producing using 100% Pure Basic Oil and Natural Clary Sage Petals. "El Hawag for Natural Oils" Egyptian factory is the only producer of this Vegetable Oil in whole Africa and Middle East.

Egypt has a lot of Salvia flower farms and we use the most Pure Petals from our best fields for Oil obtaining.


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     This very fragrant plant was widely used by Egyptians and Romans, considering it as a sacred and magical, protective herb and a remedy for female infertility. Before the discovery of India and China Clary Sage used as the main tea herb. And today all kinds of Salvia remains one of the most actively used herbs in folk medicine.

     "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is not producing Essential or Aroma Oils, so our customer should to know that we are only Organic Vegetables Oils producers. Our Salvia Oil, same as Essential Oil, is obtained from Petals of the Clary Sage flower. Rare and Pure Vegetable Oil producing creating using 100% Pure Basic Oil which during the special operation getting all the minerals, Vitamins, smell and substances from the Natural Petals.  

     The use of Natural Salvia Flower Oil in medicine is amazing. It's an antiseptic, an immunomodulator, an anesthetic, and much more. But of course the main benefits of this Organic Oil peoples are using in cosmetology

     The use of this liquid is especially beneficial for the oily and mature skin. Great antiseptic Clary Sage relieves inflammation in acne, tightens pores, removes the greasy shine of the skin. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin, works well as an anti-aging agent. But it is effectively used for treatments of legs skin.


     Effects of using Organic Salvia Petals Oil for legs:

- Regulates the work of sweat glands

- Removes odor

- Reduces excessive sweating


     The use of Clary Sage Flower Oil is very effective in hair falling out. By itself and in combination with different Essential Oils it perfectly strengthens the roots and stimulates growth.

For normal hair: Salvia + Almond + Jojoba

For oily hair: Salvia + Lavender + Cypress

For dry hair: Salvia + Olive


     Our online store offer high quality Natural Organic Vegetable Clary Sage Petals Oil produced in Egypt by the special recipe which our factory developed since 2002. In the same time our Natural Oils and health products you can find always with the best price and we ship it worldwide. Purchase rare product from our store and your hair and skin will be thankful to you!