Clove Seed Oil

Clove Seeds
Clove Seeds

Clove Seed Oil

This is very unique Natural Clove Oil as it's Vegetables but not Essential as its extracted from the Clove Seeds but not from the Leaves or Petals. Organic Clove Seed Oil has wide properties in medical purposes. Also well known as Carnation Oil, it also finds its use for the benefit of hair and skin.
Egypt has good harvest and no problem with Seeds quantities for the Pure Oil extracting.  


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     Organic Vegetable Clove Seed Oil is one of the most purposes Oils which peoples obtain and extract from all known Seeds, Herbs and Fetus. Also known as Carnation Oil, it finds place in the most diverse spheres - perfumery, tobacco industry, pharmaceutics, dentistry and even for insect repellent. 


     For medical purposes Natural Clove Seed Oil is effectively used for:

- Improve memory

- Restoration of forces

- Wound healing

- Treatment of respiratory diseases

- Improve the digestive process, increase appetite

- Prevention of arthritis, rheumatism

- Prevention of influenza

- Normalization of arterial pressure

- Reduce pain with sprains


     Vegetable Clove Oil is very useful for the female body as it normalizes the menstrual cycle, helps in the treatment of infertility, stimulates labor activity and slows the aging process. For better effect you can use internal this Oil with honey.

     Of course, never forget about benefits of this great liquid for hair. It is believed that Pure Carnation Seed Oil promotes the acceleration of hair growth, expanding blood vessels and improving blood circulation, due to this the full nutrition of the hair occurs. The simplest and most effective variant of a hair mask is mixing this Natural liquid with other Vegetable Oils like Almonds, Jojoba, Argan and Olives.

     Carnation Seed Oil perfectly helps to cope with acne and oily skin problems. It can enrich any neutral skin cream. Pure Vegetable Clove Oil obtained from the Seeds is considered the most qualitative and it is recommended to use it in home facial care.


     Organic Clove Seed Oil effective for the sin in case of:

- Pimples

- Warts

- Scars

- Burns


     "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is the only factory in Africa and whole Middle East who obtain Organic Vegetable Clove Seed Oil. Quality of our product is no doubt and it's confirmed by 2 International Quality Certificates ISO. We ship our production and another Middle East health products from our Ukrainian storehouse worldwide. Acceptable prices and Pure Natural health products are waiting for you!