Coconut Copra Oil

Coconut Copra
Coconut Copra

Coconut Copra Oil

Organic Coconut Copra Oil is very common liquid which is during many years peoples using internal and external in medicine, cooking, cosmetology and so on. The way of uses and benefits of the Natural Coconut Copra Oil are very wide and it has brilliant effect on the skin and hair.

Our factory use imported Copra from Oceania zone as we never cultivate this plant in Egypt. 


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     One of the most popular Oil in the world is made from Coconut Copra using cold or hot press. The Oil produced by hot pressing partially loses the useful components present in the raw material. The product produced by cold pressing is considered to be the most valuable, since practically all the useful substances that were contained in the coconut remain in it. "El Hawag for Natural Oils" in Egypt always use cold press for extracting Organic Coconut Copra Oil.  

     It can be called a universal product as it has found its place in many areas: cosmetology, cooking, medicine and even the household, as it is an excellent polish for wooden furniture.

     You can use this Natural Coconut Oil internal or in cooking. It normalizes digestion and has a softening effect. It accelerates the healing of mucous membranes, effectively fights infections and relieves inflammation, so it will be useful for ulcers and inflammations of the walls of the intestine and stomach. This product will help to get rid of the heartburn.

     Natural Coconut Oil is also an excellent source of energy. After using it, the work capacity and endurance are increase. This liquid also affects the condition of the joints and bones best. But, of course, the main benefits this Pure Oil has in cosmetology, specially for hair health


     Main benefits and effects of the Organic Coconut Copra Oil for the hair:

- Improves the appearance

- Increases hair growth

- Makes it more shiny and smooth

- Increases elasticity and softness

- Strengthens bulbs, and this prevents loss

- Restores

- Reduces brittleness

- Protects against external detrimental effects

- Prevents splitting of tips

- Prevents dandruff


     For hair care, this product can be used without any additional components. If a little Oil is rubbed into curly hair, this will greatly facilitate their packing. And we can not forget about benefits of this wonderful tropic liquid for the dry skin care.


     Effect of the Natural Coconut Copra Oil on the dry skin:


- Good nourishing

- Eliminates inflammation

- Softens

- Moisturizes

- Restores

- Prevents the appearance of cracks

- Prevents peeling and irritation


     Natural Organic Coconut Copra Oil is one of the most common products in cosmetology with thousands of offers in the internet. It is easy to extract this Oil and it is very easy to create fake and dilute this liquid. That's why this Pure Oil is one of the cheapest at our factory but in the same time is not the price of this product is not the cheapest in the internet space because it's still Natural Oil but not a water. Remember this fact always when you try to find and purchase the cheapest product. "El Hawag" Coconut Oil is cold pressed and 100% Pure products. This is what you can be always sure about!