Colocynth Pulp Oil

Colocynth Pulp
Colocynth Pulp

Colocynth Pulp Oil

Colocynth has number of names such as Colocynthis, Bitter Melon, Bitter Apple and so on. Organic Colocynth Pulp Oil is used since ancient times in folk medicine. Seeds of Bitter Apple are unuseful for pressing Pure Oil. Colocynth Pulp Oil is a good analgesic. It's very effective for the joints in old age and for fast recovery from sports injuries and stretch marks. 
The country of origin of Bitter Melon is Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We use only Egyptian Gourd Melon for Organic Oil production.  


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     Colocynth also known as Bitter Melon, Bitter Apple, Bitter Cucumber, Citrullus Colocynthis grows in the Middle East and North Africa hot desert areas. Bitter Melon mainly cultivated in Sinai (Egypt) where is it from and on the Egyptian cost of Mediterranean Sea.

     Desert Bitter Apple used to create a variety of different drugs and creams as Colocynth Pulp has a lot of health benefits. It contains Colocynth bitter glycoside that is not existing in the seeds, so in the manufacture of Organic Oil the seeds can be used.

     Mainly Bitter Apple Pulp juice is used as medical massage tool. Bitter Apple Oil resolves tumor and effective in rheumatic pains. It useful for pain in the nerves and in the joints, inflammation of the sciatic nerve and cold gout. Colocynth Oil is the best assistant for all sportsmen as it helps to quickly recover and heal sports injuries and muscle strain.


     Bitter Melon Oil also used internally but in very small quantities:

- Useful in diseases of the kidneys and bladder

- Spasmodic pain or colicky

- Excellent laxative


     And this is not the full list of Bitter Melon health benefits. Very often Bitter Cucumber Oil used in "Ayurveda". You can find a lot of articles about Ayurvedic treatment for hair using Pure Colocynth Oil.  

     Very important to know from where to get Natural Organic Bitter Apple Pulp Oil because this product is very rare on the Earth. The answer is simple - from the producers of the origin country of the product. Egypt is origin country for Colocynth that's why we offer only the best quality and Pure Bitter Cucumber Oil. Purchasing on our online store your parcel can be delivered anywhere as we ship worldwide.