Dill Herb Oil

Dry Dill Herb
Dry Dill Herb

Dill Herb Oil

Organic Dill Herb Oil it's very rare kind of Oil which is very good for cooking different kinds of salads. It has big benefits for the human body health. Also Natural Vegetable Dill Herb Oil is good women friend. It will help breastfeeding mother and women with minstrual problems.
Egypt is a big exporter of dry herbs in the World and that's why we never feel lack of the raw material for the Natural Dill Oil obtaining.    


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     We produce Organic Dill Herb Oil in special way that not many factories can do. We use 100% Pure Basic Oil and insist dry Dill Herb in this Natural Basic substance in special conditions. It's a hard process which is harder then just regular pressing the Vegetables Oils from Seeds or another raw materials, that's why not many factories in the World can produce this product.

     Why we decide to create a real Dill Herb Oil? The answer is simple - this Herb as any another is unique in compositions of Vitamins and minerals. In same time we can not use Seeds of Dill as the Herb itself is more rich and beneficial for the human body. It is used in various areas, although it is more often used in culinary recipes.  As a remedy it was known in ancient times: it was well known to the Egyptians, Greeks, Jews and Romans.


     Main benefits of Organic Dill Herb Oil for the body:

- Improves digestion and appetite

- Relieves pain and spasms

- Eliminates fermentation and flatulence

- Has a diuretic effect

- Removes slags


     Pure Dill Oil is an excellent assistant of nursing mothers - it stimulates the production of milk, and is also used for irregularities of the menstrual cycle - internally and for massaging. In its composition there are substances reminiscent of estrogens - female sex hormones. This Natural Oil enhancing their production by the body. Therefore, this healing liquid is useful for women of any age.

     If twice a week for 10 minutes to perform shoulder girdle massage with Vegetable Dill Oil, you can get rid of muscle pain and tension. Rubbing the calves and back will help to cope with insomnia.

     "El Hawag for Natural Oil" is not the only factory in Egypt who produce Natural Organic Dill Herb Oil but only our factory carry out international orders and ship Natural health products worldwide. If you are looking for the rare and unique products then this product you will definitely like it and be happy after using it.