Fenugreek Seed Oil

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seed Oil

Fenugreek grows in the Mediterranean Sea area. One of the biggest producers of Fenugreek Seeds in this area is Egypt. Egyptian Fenegreek Seeds are very famos and in fact Egyptian Seeds of this herb are most expensive because of the quality. In ancient Egypt, Fenugreek was used to facilitate childbirth and enhance lactation.

For extracting Natural Organic Oil we use only Egyptian Seeds of this herb and our product is really 100% Pure as our country has no shortage of raw material quantities.


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     Fenugreek is popular in many countries around the world, so it has a huge number of titles such as Yellow Tea, Camel-Thorn, Greek Herb, Helba, Hilba. Fenugreek herb grows in a few countries in the World and Egypt is one of them.    

     Fenugreek Seed Oil has a wide choose of uses. Fenugreek tea is very effective in the case of stomach upset. You can also use Fenugreek Seed Oil for this purpose. Well known fact that in Egyptian touristic places like Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada in hotels Egyptians give tourists Yellow Tea in the case of stomach problems caused by strange food. But this is not all the benefits of Fenugreek Seed tea, extract or Natural Vegetable Oil. 


     Organic Fenugreek Seed Oil benefits for intestinal system:

- Increases appetite

- Improves intestinal peristalsis

- Gastric juice begins to be produced more actively

- The walls of the stomach and intestines are enveloped

- Mucous membranes are protected from the negative effects of acids

- Removes toxins and toxins

- Normalizes metabolic processes


    Another Fenugreek Seed Oil benefits may also include the ability to reduce blood sugar. In the Middle East peoples use Fenugreek Seeds for body purification. It's very effective for asthma. Helba positive impact on digestive, respiratory, urinary, and sexual systems

     Also some Arabic women found out that Camel-Thorn Seeds are able to increases breast size. It is a traditional means for stimulating sexual activity. In China, men are treated with those Seeds for impotence. So, as you see, extracted Oil from Fenugreek has really extensive and positive health benefits and effect on the body. It strengthens uterine contractions, so it is contraindicated in pregnancy.

     Natural Fenugreek Seed Oil is very useful for your hair with guaranteed result: fast hair growth, hair volume from the roots, incredible shine and softness. Also Pure Oil of the Helba helps to strengthen hair roots and protect of hair loss. 

     We should not forget about the restorative, restorative and toning effects that allow the use of this healing liquid in case of exhaustion of the body, beriberi and during rehabilitation after severe diseases.

     Where to buy real Fenugreek Seed Oil? Not many countries and internet shops can offer really natural 100% organic Fenugreek Oil. Egypt has a big plants of this herb in the South of the country. We produce really natural product because we don't have any problems with volume of Seeds. So, try to buy Egyptian Organic Fenugreek Seed Oil on our "El Hawag" online store and be sure that you will not be indifferent from the result which is waiting for you. The high quality of our Vegetable Oils confirmed by 2 International Quality Certificates ISO.