Frankincense Resin Oil

Frankincense Resin
Frankincense Resin

Frankincense Resin Oil

Organic Frankincense Oil is one of the top vegetables Oils you can use for your health. Natural Frankincense Resin Oil is very helpful for health massages of different parts of the body. Incense Vegetable Oil will be useful for dry, oily and normal skin health. 

We use 100% Pure Basic Oil and imported Organic Boswellia Resin from Oman for Vegetable Oil obtaining. 


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     Until now It is generally accepted that Frankincense Oil can be only Essential but our Egyptian factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" is ready to offer a bold decision in the form of Organic Vegetable Frankincense Oil from the tree Resin. Boswellia trees grow in the African and Arab regions, including in Yemen, Oman, Somalia and Ethiopia. Oman is the most famous and the most ancient source of incense. For thousands of years they developed export and Egypt is one of the buyers of Pure Frankincense Resin. 

     Production process of Natural Vegetable Oil of this material is very difficult and unique. Only our factory in whole Middle East obtain Pure Oil from Organic Frankincense Resin. We use 100% Pure Basic Oil which suck out all minerals, Vitamins, color, smell and substances from the Resin under special procedure.

     You will find Boswellia Resin Oil very useful health massage. For a long time people used incense as a cure for rheumatism, radiculitis, nervous disorders. That's why this Vegetable Oil can be used for all kinds of health massages. Thus, it can be widely used in medicine, since it helps to heal many diseases of the back.


     Main properties of Organic Frankincense Resin Oil:

- Smoothing

- Anesthetic

- Healing

- Anti-inflammatory

- Antiseptic properties


     During the massage you can also get more benefits from using this Pure Vegetable Frankincense Oil, for example it sates the skin with oxygen, rejuvenates it, and also increases elasticity. This wonderful liquid is possible to add into creams and use in bath. Cosmetics, enriched with this Oil will become more effective. Natural Oil of Incense is an indispensable product in cosmetology. It helps to get rid of inflammations, early wrinkles and acne. The product has proven itself in the fight against oily skin, prone to rashes.

     Beneficially effective Frankincense Resin Oil for the condition of nails, as it helps to prevent their fragility and delamination, accelerates their growth. And at the end use it with hair conditioner.


     Natural Frankincense Resin Oil for hair: 

- Strengthens the hair follicles

- Restores the hair structure

- Activates their growth

- Struggles with dandruff

- Relieves itching and inflammation of the scalp


     If you are looking where to buy Natural Organic Frankincense Resin Oil with good price which can be shipped worldwide then our online store is right place to place your order and enjoy the real quality of Egyptian unique product. High quality of our products since 2002 is no doubt and confirmed by 2 Certificates ISO.