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Glycerol Model

Glycerol Oil

Glycerin, glycerine are common names for glycerol. Glicerol natural oil is triatomic alcohol. Glicerin natural oil used in many cosmetic products, especially true face creams. Glycerin is considered one of the simplest triatomic alcohols, which is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics. In home skin care, it is an indispensable component BUT!!! Do not use glycerin oil in its pure form, as it may also lead to dehydration of the skin.


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     One of the main properties of Glycerin is its hygroscopicity, it perfectly absorbs moisture from the environment. Because of this property, this Oil included in the cosmetic creams for face and hands. When applied to the skin in a moist environment, Glycerin begins to draw moisture out of the air, forming a moist film on the face, resulting in a soft and velvety appearance. Also, with regular application of the drug on the face skin, the wrinkles are filled with moisture, as a result it is smoothed, wrinkles become invisible, plus the surface layer of the skin is protected from microbes and various contaminants. Masks with glycerin perfectly fight excessive dryness and dehydration of the skin, eczema, and age-related changes.

     In home facial care Glycerol can be used only in a diluted form, just for the skin get the necessary moisturizing. Water perfectly mixes with it in any proportions, it is better to take purified water, also it can be replaced with rose water. At the first application of Glicerol on the face there is a feeling of oversaturation with moisture, but as evaporation of excess moisture the skin acquires softness and surprising freshness. Better not to use Glycerin just before going out, because of the small stickiness effect, there is a risk of clogging the pores with dust.


Glycerol Oil for the face, skin lotions recipes

     Toning mint lotion for all skin types:

Grated peppermint grass - 1/2 cup

Great boiling water

Glycerin Oil - 1 tbsp


     Lemon lotion from black spots and pigment spots:

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (or lime) - 2 tbsp

Glycerin Oil - 2 tbsp

Pure water - 1 tbsp


     Chamomile Lotion for oily and problem skin:

Dry flowers chamomile - 2 tbsp

Steep boiling water - 200 ml

Vodka - 70 ml

Glycerin Oil - 1 tbsp


     Pink tonic for reducing skin inflammation and hydration:

Rose water - 300 ml

Glycerol Oil - 4 tbsp


Recipes for masks and scrubs with glycerin oil

     Mask with glycerol oil and vitamin E:

     Increase the effectiveness of Glycerin for the face is possible combining it with Vitamin E or tocopherol. This combination of components will refresh the fading skin, smooth wrinkles and fill it with revitalizing moisture.

Glycerol Oil - 1 tbsp


Vitamin E - 1 tbsp


     Refreshing mask for combination, normal and oily skin:

Cream of high fat content - 1 glass

Chicken egg - 1 pc

Vodka - 1/2 cup

Glycerin Oil - 1 tsp

Fresh lemon juice - 1 citrus fruit


     Moisturizing mask with honey for dry, combination and normal skin:

Glycerol Oil - 1 tsp

Natural rustic honey - 1 tsp

Crushed oats in flours - 1 tsp

Water - 1 tsp


     Moisturizing mask against wrinkles:

Aloe juice fresh - 1 tsp

Glycerin Oil - 2 tsp


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