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Grape Seeds
Grape Seeds

Grape Seed Oil (125ml - 4.2. fl.oz.)

Oil, obtained from Grape Seeds and possessing a unique composition and useful properties, since ancient times was a valuable curative, food and cosmetic product. This is confirmed by the remains of antique vessels, which were found during archaeological excavations in Egypt and Ancient Greece. There is also evidence that in the Middle Ages this oil was used in Mediterranean cooking. Egypt is one of the biggest producers of Grapes in the Middle East, so we never feel shortage of Grape Seeds for the extracting the highest quality Oil. 


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     Today, the most useful Grape Seed Oil is used in cooking and home cosmetology, it is popular in folk medicine, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, soap making, paint and varnish and various lubricants, margarine.

     This Organic Oil is extracting from the Seeds of Grapes by two methods - cold pressing and so-called hot extraction. Higher value is provided by Oil, which is extracted by cold pressing as this method preserves the maximum of minerals, Vitamins and various biologically active substances in the final product. This is the only method which we use at El Hawag factory in Egypt.

     Thanks to the complex of healing properties, this liquid has been used for many centuries in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The benefits of this Oil are noticeable for the cardiovascular system. Substances in the composition of Natural Grape Oil in the complex contribute to strengthening and improving the elasticity of the walls of the vessels, providing a vasodilating action.


     Natural Grape Oil has found application in the fight against the ailments of the digestive system as it has following properties:

- Bactericidal

- Anti-inflammatory

- Regenerating

- Wound-healing 


     This wonderful product long time has been one of the most frequently encountered in cosmetology due to the substance, which has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair. This is one of the main purposes of using this healing liquid in the modern life.


     Organic Grape Seed Oil has the widest range of action:

 - Quickly absorbed, does not leave gloss and stickiness, softens and moisturizes the skin, protects it from drying and peeling

- Refreshes and tones up the skin, increases its elasticity

- Accelerates the process of skin regeneration, improves the relief and structure of the skin, helps exfoliate the corneal cells that develop over time

- Promotes granulation and epithelization of the damaged skin area

- Improves skin color, has a bleaching effect on it, prevents the occurrence of pigment spots

- Restores the disturbed lipid balance due to the frequent use of shampoos, soaps, gels

- Can stimulate blood circulation layers of the skin same as metabolism, also strengthening the subcutaneous capillaries, preventing the formation of couperose and cellulite deposits

- Prevents the fat content of the skin, normalizing the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, soothes the skin, helps to narrow the pores

- Has an antioxidant effect, the oil also prevents skin aging, increases the barrier function of the skin


     Our online store offer the best quality Natural Organic Grape Seed Oil produced at our factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" in Egypt. Our prices is for the real product, not the mixed products which you can find in big amounts in the internet. We use richest Seeds of Egyptian Grape of Red Glob variety. If you are looking for the real Oil then our online store is provide it for you.