Green Tea Seed Oil

Green Tea Leaf
Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Seed Oil

Green Tea Oil is widely used in cosmetology and as a therapeutic agent. Pure Oil of the Green Tea is also used in the kitchen for cooking a range of foods. It is made by processing Tea Leaves and mixing the obtained substance with the Basic Oil.

We are not cultivating Green Tea in Egypt, so for the production of Natural Oil we use imported leaf from Sri Lanka. 


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     Thanks to antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, the Green Tea Oil has been mainly used in the creation of a youth line of cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics helps to care for problem skin. It is also part of anti-cellulite products. Natural Green Tea Oil has the ability to update cells, so it is also used in anti-aging cosmetics.

     Pure Green Tea Oil is one of the main ingredients in soap, creams, lotions, liquid soaps, hair conditioners, bars for hair, shampoos, massage oils. Experts say that the the Oil of Green Tea Leaves is just as strong as Vitamin E, because it consists of polyphenols. 


     Cosmetics based on Organic Green Tea Oil are great for skin care of all ages and types:

- Soothes and heals damaged skin

- Improves the complexion

- Eliminates redness of the skin and excessive fat content

- Fighting acne

- Cleans and narrows the pores of the skin

- Promotes normalization of skin metabolic processes

- Softens and smoothes the skin

- Fighting premature aging and withering of the skin

- Stimulates the production of collagen by our body

- Effectively protects against the effects of negative factors


     Natural Oil of Green Tea effectively helps to get rid of cellulite. There is a long-standing Ayurverd recipe: in addition to the required physical exertion, you must regularly take a bath with Green Tea Oil. To do this, add to the water 10-13 drops of Natural Oil, half a kilogram (1lb) of sea salt, as well as a glass of green strong tea. The Oil must first be diluted in milk. Take a bath is thirty minutes, after that you should rinse under barely cool water.

     If you are looking to buy online the Pure Natural Green Tea Oil then our online store offer you what you need exactly. Production of this wonderful product is a big and long process which is not easier then production of Essential Oil and we follow all hard production requirements at "El Hawag for Natural Oils" factory in Egypt. Purchase this great product today and give your skin new life.