Orange Peel Oil

Orange Peel
Orange Peel

Oranges Peel Oil

For to decide from where to buy Organic Orange Oil you have to ask first - Where do Oranges grow? If you see the answer you will find out that Egypt is in TOP-5 countries. Every year Egypt planting Oranges tree seeds like 25% of existing fields.

That's why we use Egyptian Oranges Peel for Oil producing. And if you see production level of Oils in Oranges countries then you understan that Egypt is the best place. 


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     The most famous Oranges tree plant in Egypt are Navel, Valencia. For the organic Oil production we use Peel most of all from Valencia type. It's the most lovely sort which use for fresh Oranges juices in all over the World. So, we believe that Valencia has the best Oranges Peel for Oil making.    

     What is Oranges Oil good for? It's one of the frequently asked question. It has a lot of benefits for peoples. It can be used for the maintenance of the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive system.

     Oranges Oil has good benefits for the face skin. It is perfect for dry, rough, scaly, rough and already aging, flabby and sagging skin. Using Oranges Peel Oil facilitates softening and moisturizing the skin, preserve in it the optimal moisture level, stimulating the growth of new cells, including old cells renewal. Another Orange Oil benefit is bleaching effect, so it can be used to lighten skin.

     Where to get Organic Oranges Oil? You can buy it from our "El Hawag for Natural Oils" factory online store and test the Oil from the best Egyptian Oranges Peel.