Due to security reasons in Egypt airports we are not able to send any kind of liquid products by Post Office from our country but we find the way. "El Hawag for Natural Oils" send oils by cargo to the transit storehouse in Ukraine under control of our Ukrainian partner "Al-Saha Ukraine".

   After we get orders and payment from our customers all over the World, our partners in Ukraine carry out packing and shipping by regular Post Office and send parcel during 3 business days. Total delivery time to a customer after placing an order is 7-14 days. 



                       Shipping costs:

           Weight                   Post Office Fees

        0,1kg - 1kg                   20,00 USD

        1,1kg - 2kg                   35,00 USD

        2,1kg - 3kg                   50,00 USD

        3,1kg - 4kg                   65,00 USD

        4,1kg - 5kg                   80,00 USD

        5,1kg - 6kg                   95,00 USD

        6,1kg - 7kg                   110,00 USD

        7,1kg - 8kg                   125,00 USD

        8,1kg - 9kg                   140,00 USD 

        9,1kg - 10kg                 155,00 USD