Natural Oils wholesale

   Egyptian factory "El Hawag for Natural Oils" exporting Black Seed Oil and Natural Organic Oils worldwide. If you are looking for the best supplier of the best quality Black Seed Oil by the best price then you have to Contact Us and get our offer. We will answer you in the same day.


   We have 2 stages of wholesale prices:

100 - 1000 litters

1001 - 24000 litters


   We offer 2 ways of the delivery: 

Cargo air delivery: 110-1000 kg of the Gross Weight

Sea container delivery: 1000-25000 kg of Gross Weight

(1-10 tons in 20'DV container & 11-25 tons in 40'DV container)


   "El Hawag" company is looking for partners worldwide and we are ready to give exclusive distributing rights for our partners in their respective countries.